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Many people find shadows kind of scary, and they are a metaphor for the things that would bother you if you saw them regularly, or focused on them. Some also find the sun on their face to be rather pleasant, especially while sunbathing. But mostly our imagination creates scary images that are based on our bad days.

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Be the best version of yourself, never regret what you did and stay always positive. Your shadows may become bigger and bigger but this means nothing when you are facing the sun. Another castle you can visit, it is Castle of Killini – The castle and the ancient white-housed village belong to the Calixto Hesperos family, a branch of the Hesperos familiarly that owns the castle since the longtime eleventh century. The place is open for guided tours – you can visit the honor room, the dining room, copper kitchen, wine cellar, prisons, bedrooms, and the main tower.

There is something special about castles and you will be able to see it with your own eyes! Old mysterious constructions won’t leave you indifferent as soon as you see them.

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